The Bloodmoon of 28 September 2015

28 Sep

A few Spiritual thoughts about the Bloodmoon phenomena… “Just like the moon only reflects the light of the sun,so can we who follow the Lord only strive to reflect God’s light to humanity. But sin hampers our ability to share the Lord’s perfect love and light in this world. Just like the moon that turns dark when the earth(world) throws its shadow on it and comes between the sun and the moon,so does sin throw a shadow on our lives and it comes between us and Jesus.When I saw the dark moon/Bloodmoon on the morning of 28 September my heart was saddened and it looked like the whole Universe was mourning the greed and hatred of mankind. Only when Jesus comes to make all things new will we truly learn to love one another and not destroy this planet by our greed and pride.” Maranatha!

Brent Webber's photo.

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