Thank you Lord Jesus for Your amazing Grace!

5 Aug

imagesIMG-20141009-WA0006I went for my follow-up mammogram today and I am in my sixth year of remission from breast cancer…Tonight I am so grateful to my God and Savior Jesus Christ once again for another year of Grace! Another opportunity to see my children growing into adults and what a joy it is to live each moment of this precious life, as if it could be my last.I have so many creative projects that I still want to finish and wonderful new things that I’d like to explore.I have been recording five new songs these last few months,finished another children’s book and further expanded our Cape Craft Centre skills development and job creation project.. I am also still fundraising on behalf of the rhino conservation cause through my organization and singing and speaking on invitation at many events.. Life is there to live to the full and every moment is a gift from Above!.. “Carpe Diem” …Grab each moment and make a memory that will last into Eternity…” I thank you My Jesus …You are the true Creator within us, that gives us this longing to write, to speak,to dance,to sing,to create beautiful things and to strive to live to Your glory! Praise Your holy Name forever!… Amen”


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